Advertising has become an important element of modern business techniques. If you aren't already embracing the dark, all consuming of advertising, well maybe you should be. Regardless of whether your company is, by correctly incorporating online advertisements, you will be able to effectively grow your internet presence and, as a result, foster so much engagement and sales it will BLOW YOU AWAY. Look we love ads, okay?

Are Americans buying Hitler's car 15 years after WWII? Those aren't the kinds of questions that most of us would be able or want to answer – they're difficult! In retrospect, these 13 advertisements should not have worked, but they appear to have done wonders for their selected businesses. Is there an explanation? No, the strange world of advertising is a mystery to us. Was everything based on a hunch? How much focus group testing did they have to do before approving these?

Counter-intuitiveness appears to be the norm for the most productive advertisements. And, one more question that this list does not address but that we will leave the door open to you, the readers: how directly translatable is the success of these ads to the subsequent turnaround in their organizations' fortunes?

IKEA'S Pee On This Ad Ad Peeing on this ad may change your life - - - 995- CRACKED.COM This ad with pregnancy kit technology redefined user engagement. IKEA and Swedish agency Akestam Holst actually asked women to pee on their ad, and if they were pregnant, the very successful ad revealed a $500 discount on a crib.

Source: Entrepreneur

Clairol's Does She Or Doesn't She? CRACKED.COM In 1957, Clairol's hair dye kits weren't selling because, Only actresses and prostitutes dyed their hair.The Does she, or doesn't she? tag promoted the natural look, and as a result, the number of women dying their hair went from 1 in 15 to 1 in 2 by 1968.

Source: LoveMoney

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