31 Intriguing Pop Culture Origin Stories

31 Intriguing Pop Culture Origin Stories

While watching your favorite movies and shows or playing your favorite video games, at some point you probably wondered how exactly these projects came about. Sometimes, you spend years meticulously crafting your masterpiece. Sometimes, lightning just strikes in a bottle. Sometimes you meet a fan you want to give a special shoutout to. And sometimes, you just want to get back at an ex. 

The artistic process is a multi-layered endeavor, is what we're saying. Lotta ins, lotta outs. Adaptations change characters for better or worse, and we end up like iconic baddies Hans Gruber, for instance. We here at Cracked never tire of these stories, always looking to peek behind the vinyl siding of the walk-in and see how the sausage is made.

Turns out, not nearly as gross as real sausage. There are cool origin stories behind a lot of your favorite movie characters, actors, and even catchphrases. Like:

LICKITUNG IS AN AKANAME GRACKED.COM With its acidic saliva, the akaname, or filth licker, tongue-massages dirty bathrooms clean, making sure to slop over every grimey corner. It's said to have been invented as a story to incentivize children to keep a tidy bathroom, assumedly because a tedious chore is nothing compared to a visit from the toilet demon.


Jamie Foxx CRACKED.COM Up-and-coming comedian ERIC MARLON BISHOP thought he needed an edge, so he called himself Jamie, in the hopes that he'd be mistaken for a woman. Не claimed that female comics got earlier time slots.


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