The Cracked team, like you, spends a lot of time at home. We're love killing time by dusting off the ol’ Blu-ray and DVD catalogs, just like the average Joe. Fortunately, it seems like the hard earned wealth we squandered on digital content was not in fact wasted!

Even though editing a film necessitates paying attention to the things like tempo, character development, and overall time, a lot of great material must be cut before the film is released.

Observing the additional materials on those grooves got us thinking about several of our favorite deleted scenes, especially ones that are so good that we don’t know why they were ever cut from the motion picture in the first place. We still can’t figure out why they omitted that crucial detail about Cersei in season 7 of Game of Thrones.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at what we managed to get our hands on….

There's an extended What, No Smile? scene from Captain Marvel. F R U S T CAFE NTE O THE WEE ONN It plays out like the one in the movie, but Captain Marvel also takes the guy's bike after he asks What, No Smile? CRACKED.COM


A Ghostbusters deleted scene has a love interest for Dan Aykroyd's character. She's a ghost that's been dead for over a hundred years - but they cut the scene for pacing reasons. CRACKED.COM


There's a deleted donut destruction scene in Season 3 of Succession. Kendall Roy actor Jeremy Strong improvised a scene where Kendall smashes the gift donuts from his dad, but it didn't make the final cut. CRACKED.COM


One Karate Kid deleted scene tells us more about Mrs LaRusso. Minute Turns out, she took a job at the restaurant just because the computer company, that she moved to California to work for, suddenly folded. CRACKED.COM


Let There Be Carnage has a deleted scene with Venom and Eddie (kind of) bonding. It's a longer version of the beach scene in the movie, with more banter between them. CRACKED.COM


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