Cliches! They are absolutely everywhere, and Hollywood just can't seem to avoid them. You’ve got your trusty go tos for your evil characters (they’re a doctor! They have a cat! Their old name is “dead”!) Then, there’s when you need to make sure the audience knows a character is coocoo for cocoa puffs (make them skirt gender norms! Or or or maybe they’re goth! Maybe they are even… lonely or introverted?) If a character is heroic, obviously that means that they are either a) a captain; b) punching the villain (this is for X! And this is for Y!); or c) driving a pickup truck. And we can’t forget that arrogance means eating apples and that being a smart person means wearing glasses and having frizzy, crazy hair (and also maybe being a real jerk). Here are some of the most egregious that keep popping up over and over again.  


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