Innovation exists in order to make life easier and more streamlined-- I'm kidding, I'm kidding, no, no, no, innovation currently exists just so we have to pay extra money somewhere and somehow. No one is saying that the first draft of any idea is the best one, however sometimes the best thing you can do for a product or service is to just stop adding or removing stuff to it. 

You definitely have purchased a product, a new or a “improved” one, and have had the “Why is it like this?” speech in your head. Well, they got you. And your money. And they'll either never address the problem for the next version or they'll force you to pay more for a quick fix to return the product to its previous state.

There are times when you just need to leave well enough alone. Or at least give it less bright lights to blink at night. Here's a list of aggravating product designs that'll make you grit your teeth.

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