The middle ages get a bad rap. For example, why do we call them the dark ages? Okay, okay so the Roman Empire fell--big whoop! There was plenty of stuff going on. It's easy to make any era look bad in the movies if you film it with a gray filter and splatter all the extras with mud. 

The fact is, the middle ages were an interesting historical period that was far more nuanced than most people realize. We bet you didn't know about the rhyming insult battles that used to happen in Scotland and the British Isles? Or the fact that almond milk was a popular delicacy. Not to mention the fact that you could put animals on trial!

Sure, they say the Middle Ages were a dark time of superstition, war, and disease, but at least you could go to a royal court and get paid to fart. Scroll down to get the full story, plus 12 others:

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