13 Fun Bits Of Trivia To Kickstart Slow Conversations

13 Fun Bits Of Trivia To Kickstart Slow Conversations

There will come a time in your life in which no one wants to hear that one story of yours anymore. Your spouse, your kids, your boss, your parents, your accountant, everyone has heard it before. Yes, it was great that it happened. But something else must have happened to you. At some point. Right?

Crap, nothing new, huh? Well, you have to do something. Your spouse will leave you, your kids will hate you, your boss will fire you, your parents will disown you, you accountant will ask you politely to stop calling, and everyone else will try to politely avoid eye contact with you. 

Fear not. The answer to your problem is somewhere down below.

We at Cracked have some stuff to share. Fun stuff. Interesting stuff. Stuff that could save you from your conversation hell. Check out these fun pieces of trivia that could salvage your social standing until something more interesting comes along.

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