Popular culture is, well, popular. That means that everyone knows at least the basics about it, and even if you don’t, those are easy to find out. And yet, people sometimes fumble it. Wanna see some cases of that? Yes, of course you do. Go ahead, take a look at people failing.

Fox News spread mass misinformation about Mass Effect. A Fox News show claimed in 2008 that the game featured full digital nudity and graphic sex. The claims were sure to enrage viewers- particularly those who grabbed the game to, ahem, do their own research.

Source: Wired

Maybe try not to mistake an actor for theircharacter? An IGN article about Season 11 of The Walking Dead says that Princess is played by Juanita Sanchez. But that's the character's name - the actress is named Paola Lazaro.

Source: IGN

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