Cracked VS: Dragon Ball vs The MCU

Is "Dragon Ball GT" better or worse than "Thor: The Dark World?"
Cracked VS: Dragon Ball vs The MCU

It's East VS West in today's VERSUS. Who would win? Goku with the heart virus, or a worthy Cap - bloodlusted, comic feats only, no BFR. We promise there will be no “dubs vs. subs” talk. 

CRACKED VS FIGHTER PROFILES DRAGON BALL THE MCU First release: First release: 1984 2008 Based off a Based off Japanese Manga American comic books $24 Billion in $29 Billion in sales sales CRACKED.COM
CRACKED VS SOURCE DRAGON BALL THE MCU IHI CRACKED.COM Follows the A super manga closely, condensed with added version of the some comics that scenes and sometimes completely barely follows non-canon the source movies. material.
CRACKED VS THE CREATOR DRAGON BALL THE MCU GRACKED.COM Akira Toriyama Stan Lee was forgets most of the company the series and figurehead that characters that stepped over a aren't main lot of his peers protagonists. to get to the top.
CRACKED VS SIMPLE BEGINNINGS DRAGON BALL THE MCU CRACKED.COM A super A super smart strong child d-bag goes on an adventure goes on an adventure to sell to weapons of find the mass dragon balls. destruction.
CRACKED VS STRONGEST HERO DRAGON BALL THE MCU CRACKED.COM Goku and Vegeta Toss up between flip between first Wanda's sheer and second strength with place, depending magic, and Dr. on who got the Strange's latest experience and transformation. knowledge.
CRACKED VS VILLAINS DRAGON BALL THE MCU CRACKED.COM A secret organization that is a Nazi paralell, Yeah, aliens, gods, long lost siblings, race same. supremacists, synthetic humanoids, and balls of expanding goo.
CRACKED VS EMBARRASSING ENTRIES DRAGON BALL THE MCU CRACKED.COM Dragon Ball GT, The Incredible which Hulk, Thor 2, and was Iron Man 3 aren't released in 1996 fondly and was not remembered, but connected to they are still the important pieces manga or of the Infinity the later series. Saga.
CRACKED VS FEMALE REPRESENTATION DRAGON BALL THE MCU CRACKED.COM Almost every The former chairman, strong, female lkk Perlmutter, did not think a female-lead protagonist solo movie would becomes a mom make money, and it and is quickly took until after Black shoved character to the Widow's death to get her own background. film.
CRACKED VS RIP OFFS DRAGON BALL THE MCU GRACKED.COM After Dragon Ball The DCEU had got popular, every the perfect anime wanted to roadmap to have super strong copy the martial artists success of fight in Marvel, and they tournaments beefed it hard.
CRACKED VS CURRENT MEDIA DRAGON BALL THE MCU BOKI CRACKED.COM The Dragon Ball The movies that Super anime has have SO far appeared been rocky, in Phase 4 fall all super problems over the spectrum, having from weak to with art and fantastic, while the direction, while the TV shows have had movies have been the biggest cultural better received. impact.
CRACKED VS VERDICT Dragon Ball edges out the win for being a cultural phenomena for nearly four decades. CRACKEDO COM Both franchises are among the most successful in history, and have inspired truly the most cringeworthy outerwear that teenage boys love.
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