44 Secrets and Easter Eggs Hiding in The Real World

44 Secrets and Easter Eggs Hiding in The Real World

You know that feeling when you recognize an easter egg or find a secret area in a video game? Or when you’re watching a movie trailer or an early season of a TV show and you catch a glimpse of an item or costume design that hints at a future character or plot development? “Eureka!” you shout at your screen, sublimely blissful in your supreme ability to notice things. What a satisfying feeling. You thought things were one way, but actually, they’re a different, cooler way. How fun!

Well, turns out you can have that experience in the real world! That’s right, hidden gems are lurking around the corner everywhere you go. And we mean everywhere. We’ve got 44 examples, for goodness sakes. Little architectural embellishments, abandoned islands at theme parks, secret passageways…the insanity here is endless. Get a look at these weird places and secret meanings hidden in plain sight.

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