Alien and Aliens are two of the most lauded films in the history of science fiction. The others? Well, your mileage may vary. The franchise overall has a giant dedicated fanbase that has gone to bat for it since 1979. For decades, cosplayers have gone to sci-fi and comic book conventions dressed as xenomorphs, Colonial Marines, or Ellen Ripley herself. The franchise is older than most of the people that read Cracked… for now.

However, even the most hardcore Alien fan can be surprised with a new behind-the-scenes fact about the film franchise. Like how a pair of contact lenses almost made Bishop look scarier than the xenomorphs. Or how Renny Harlin was supposed to direct the third movie. Or how James Cameron was the “voice” of the Alien Queen.

Read on about those and 42 other factoids about the making of the Alien films (and not all of them are about the phallic design choices):

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