28 Perplexing Scientific Experiments That Somehow Actually Happened

28 Perplexing Scientific Experiments That Somehow Actually Happened

Ever notice how in horror and science fiction films, there's a mad scientist who does crazy things like use lightning to resurrect the dead, keep specimens' severed heads alive, use their children in dangerous experiments, or build robots that can do things that robots shouldn't be able to do, like smile? That mad scientist caricature cliché, it turns out, is based on truth.

Several real-life experiments have been conducted throughout human history that have resulted in technological, psychological, and medical advances while also traumatizing hundreds of children for decades. We haven't even begun to discuss all of the experiments that necessitated the launch of random animals into space for no apparent reason.

Some of this is so bizarre that it can't possibly be true. Here are a handful of the most baffling, weird, and downright insane experiments that have all been carried out in the name of science.

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