23 Disturbing, Real Experiments Done On Children

23 Disturbing, Real Experiments Done On Children

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We're big supporters of science and the scientific method, but let's face it -- sometimes that shit gets weird. Like when scientists have the genius idea to conduct experiments on children -- often their own offspring.

Read on for actual, weird experiments conducted by scientists who probably don't get a lot of Mother's Day cards.

Entry by Girz

High school teacher Ron Jones started an experiment that snowballed into a school- wide fascist movement called 'The Third THE wave' WAVE Meant to dem

Entry by Girz

1950's researchers Jones and Bayley examined whether early or late onset puberty was more socially advantageous. Hot S Not This mostly involved studyi

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Do wet diapers wake up babies? That's what a 2007 experiment set to find out. Scientists gathered 34 sleeping infants and, using a syringe, injected t

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