23 Disturbing, Real Experiments Done On Children

Because why should monkeys and rats have all the fun?
23 Disturbing, Real Experiments Done On Children

We're big supporters of science and the scientific method, but let's face it -- sometimes that stuff gets weird. Like when scientists have the genius idea to conduct experiments on children -- often their own offspring.

Read on for actual, weird experiments conducted by scientists who probably don't get a lot of Mother's Day cards.

18th century scientist Stephen Gray had observed that an electric charge can travel great distances through single, or multiple objects. To demonstrat
Scientists at England's University of Sheffield made 6-month-old babies stare at different faces of macaques to see how well they can recognize faces.
23 Disturbing, Real Experiments Done On Children
d'Armond Speers wanted to know how children understand languages, sO he taught his son STAR TREK LANGUAGE KLInGon for the first three years of his lif
In 2012, an experiment revealed that children tend to become selfish and unhelpful when they are reminded about money. O Two groups of children were s
High school teacher Ron Jones started an experiment that snowballed into a school- wide fascist movement called 'The Third THE wave' WAVE Meant to dem
A group of psychologists managed to guilt-trip children into good behavior. They gave the children toys that were rigged to break the moment they touc
Psychology professor Clarence Leuba wanted to know if laughing when tickled is an innate response, so he performed experiments on his own children. Fo
After the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., 3rd grade teacher Jane Elliott taught her class about racism by turning them racist. She segregated
A study conducted by scientists from Yale University indicates that babies under 24 months have a sense of morality. When shown puppets who did someth
Laszlo Polgar believed that anyone can become a genius with early training. To prove this, he tested his hypothesis on his own daughters:! Susan, Soph
CRACKEDCON In 1960, psychologists Eleanor J. Gibson and Richard D. Walk devised an illusory cliff contraption to see if babjes' survival instinct woul
THE SMELLIER, THE BETTER Before they can see her face, a newborn is guided to their mother's breast by smell. BUT JUST HOW DO WE KNOW? Scientists dang
Dro Carolyn Rovee-Collier was one of the first psychologists to test the memory function in infants. While looking for a way to entertain her own baby
1950's researchers Jones and Bayley examined whether early or late onset puberty was more socially advantageous. Hot S Not This mostly involved studyi
23 Disturbing, Real Experiments Done On Children
GRAGKEDOON Researchers put kids in a room, said an invisible woman named Princess Alice was going to watch them play a game, and then they left. The k
In the 1990s, low income minority families in Baltimore, Maryland were CRAGN offered federally funded subsidized housing if they would agree to regula
R A C I S T The verdict is in: Babies are racist. Researchers from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education had adults of various races show babies
In 1962, Laurel Children's Center in Maryland used children to test experimental acne medications. The researchers continued testing even after half o
Do wet diapers wake up babies? That's what a 2007 experiment set to find out. Scientists gathered 34 sleeping infants and, using a syringe, injected t
In 1939, researcher Clara M. Davis let 15 babies select their own food for 6 years without adult intervention. They were allowed to choose from a tota
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