Cracked VS: Killer Dolls Edition

Cracked VS: Killer Dolls Edition

Quick, get to some high ground like a chair or something and hold on to your rosaries — it's the most evil of fights in the Universe of Evil Fights And Also They're Dolls AAAAHH!

CRACKED VS. Fighter Profiles CHUCKY ANNABELLE A killer doll, as in of the Also a killer doll, but first, -degree murder of the Satan variety. variety. Wants to cause Bringer of terror, chaos and murder collector of human everyone, especially bad souls. Mute, unless people, like he's the demon wants to have a puppet version of Dexter. chat in super scary Champion thrower of demon voice. Obsessed f-bombs. Incredible hair. with makeup. CRACKED.COM

CRACKED VS. Gift of the Gab CHUCKY ANNABELLE Throws a line to express his Quite the opposite. The satisfaction after a kill like demon never says he secretly wants to be a anything, which leaves a comedian. In Cult of Chucky pretty powerful and he scary breaks the overhead glass kill laying paralyzed impression, really. to Claire on gurney, beheading her in Except for that a one time the process. As her head rolls it opened its mouth to toward his feet, he stares at tell a little girl that it it and says: Sometimes, I WANTED HER SOUL. scare

CRACKED VS. Final Tally CHUCKY ANNABELLE Movies/ Origin Story Legend Status Kills (although Mobility (Nothing Annabelle gets a beats teleportation.) point for Most Terrorizing.) Strength (Has the Weaponry (Okay. power of telekinesis Technically it's also powered by the Annabelle, but Devil himself.) we're throwing this one to Chucky for Origin of Power creativity. We seriously doubt a (Again, she's demon would ever literally Satan. think of using an air We don't know what pump and a yard else to tell you.) stick to off anyone.) CRACKED.COM

CRACKED VS. And the winner is... CHUCKY ANNABELLE ANNABELLE. The late '80s idea of voodoo might seem hardcore, but Satan is Satan. CRACKED.COM
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