Every day, superhero universes grow in size and complexity, but not every superhero is a part of one or gets the recognition they deserve. Superheroes have been on our screens for more than half a century. There are still plenty of crime fighters flying around who have fallen by the wayside, whether due to a lack of critical acclaim or because their creators moved on to pursue better (or worse) things. However, not every hero picture had the built-in fandom like Batman or even the Incredible Hulk to draw crowds to the theater. Neither has every hero left a lasting impression on viewers for various reasons. This list contains some superhero movies that never took off, either because they were too strange for popular audiences or just flew under the radar. For example, Marvel films are extremely popular at the moment, but some of the genre's titles have faded into obscurity over time.

These 14 superheroes are worth revisiting, though we don't expect to see them in post-credits sequences...

THE ROCKETEER did GRACKED This etpack-wearing superhero suits up to fight in WWII, where he battles both secret Nazis and regular, more public Nazis.

Source: IMDB

DARKMAN Nikon CRACKED Liam Neeson is a crime-fighting version of the Phantom of the Opera in Sam Raimi's first cape movie, a decade before he brought us Tobey Maguire.

Source: IMDB

METEOR MAN CRACKED Decades before Black Panther, pretty much the only black superhero to get his own movie was a teacher cleaning up the streets of the inner city.

Source: IMDB

CONSTANTINE CRACKED Before Keanu Reeves was John Wick, he was John Constantine, battling the forces of hell alongside Rachel Weisz and Tilda Swinton as an angel.

Source: IMDB

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