When you're a megastar, dealing with the press is just part of the job. Those silly morning show interviews and tedious press junkets seem run-of-the-mill, but they can really wear a person down. Not to mention that society seems to think that celebs, thanks to their fame and fortune, are exempt from basic decency and decorum. Look: it's Comedy 101 to punch up and be tough on people with power. That shit goes all the way back to Willie “The Big Bardo” Shakespeare. But the principle of speaking truth to power doesn't mean there isn't a line. We forget that some of these stars get hugely famous at really young ages. We forget that they have their entire personal lives on display. It's undeniably funny that Ben Affleck has a giant phoenix back tattoo, or that he got closure from his breakup with Ana de Armas by chucking a life-size cardboard cutout of her in the (hopefully) recycle bin, but at the heart of those stories is a real person struggling with real issues, and we should be sensitive to that.

UNLESS YOU'RE HERE WITH CHAD AND DICK “THE DICK” STIFFY ON WFT 107.5 IN THE MORNING! The unfortunate thing about press junkets is a lot of media people need to cross the line to get ratings, leading to celebs having to navigate awkward and obtrusive questions like these: 

Taylor Swift CRACKED.COM BREAKING NEWS: Ellen might be a jerk. She dragged poor Taylor through a slideshow of her famous exes, just to watch her squirm. Swift tried to politely bow out, saying I don't know if I'm gonna do this. Ellen shot back with Yeah, you will.

Source: YouTube

Mayim Bialik CRACKED.COM Bialik is a nerd, and plays one on TV, but one reporter didn't seem to know that. When asked how many people think you can solve calculus at the drop of a hat because of her nerdy character, Bialik reminded her about her real life credentials: I actually was trained in calculus for several years. Yeah, I'm a neuroscientist.

Source: YouTube

Robert Downey, Jr. CRACKED.COM While promoting Age of Ultron, a reporter asked RDJ a clunky question about his checkered past: You've talked about your relationship with your father, taking drugs and doing all of that... Junior tried to pivot, but ultimately walked out when the interview got a little Diane Sawyer-y for his taste.

Source: YouTube

Mila Kunis C lpy*k6e Ce Cekc GO Miam CRACKED.COM Kunis was promoting the 2011 film Friends With Benefits when a Russian reporter tried to grill her about Justin Timberlake's career choices: Why is Justin in movies? Isn't music enough? Kunis fired back, in Russian, What kind of question is that? Why are you here?

Source: YouTube

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