13 Halloween Candy Facts To Pig Out On

13 Halloween Candy Facts To Pig Out On

If there is one event that took place in the second half of the 19th century that split America down moral and ethical lines, it's definitely the invention of candy corn. Here’s the story, plus 12 others:

Candy corporations tried to extend Daylight Savings to sell more candy. Before it was extended in 2007, --makers in 1985 lobbied to have Halloween covered by Daylight Savings Time so children would have an extra hour to collect candy. They went so far as to put a candy pumpkin on the seat of every senator during the 1985 hearings on Daylight Saving. CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR

262 Fun-Sized candy bars will kill you. An average American weighing 180lbs would need to consume 5.4lbs of sugar in one sitting for it to be a lethal dose, which would be the amount in 262 fun-sized candy bars (9.3 grams of sugar each). CRACKED.COM

Source: PBS

Fun-Size was made specially for Halloween trick-or-treaters. NIE Twix FUN SIZE S WICKERS size The Mars company came out with Fun Size in the 1960's as a slightly larger treat than their junior size, targeted towards Halloween consumers. Other companies followed suit and began using the term, although Mars holds the trademark. CRACKED.COM

Source: Time

Nestle set off a 132lb chocolate firework. Launched in Switzerland in 2002, the largest chocolate firework (and somehow not the only chocolate firework) was made by Nestle and was 9.8 feet tall. It was likely made using the child labor and modern-day slaves they've been caught with on their cocoa plantations as recently as 2019. CRACKED.COM

Source: Mashed


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