14 'Unsolved' Mysteries (That Have Been Easily Solved)

14 'Unsolved' Mysteries (That Have Been Easily Solved)

Science is super neat.  We love smartphones, airplanes and antibiotics.  The fact is though that science can't explain the world's foremost mysteries. That seems to have to be one of the reasons they're still really popular. As humans, we are continuously observing and seeking to make an understanding of our surroundings. It's what we do best. However, anytime we come across anything we don't understand, we compensate by creating stories to explain it. Shockingly, we're pretty good at it. 

Why would many planes and ships go lost near Bermuda in that mysterious triangle? Alien, obviously. Throughout the years, such widely accepted "explanations" have sufficed. On the other hand, research advances along with us, and it is continually providing actual proof on themes that are so vital to us. The issue is that we don't always listen.

A 12-episode podcast isn't required for every mystery. The solution is sometimes self-evident: people are horny, the weather is unpredictable, and everyone farts. Scroll down for some more unsolved mysteries…


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