15 Random Facts to Quench Your Fabled Inquisitiveness

Gizmo was less than cute to the puppeteers.
15 Random Facts to Quench Your Fabled Inquisitiveness

Here's a question. Who actually LIKES super predictable, orderly facts? Not us, that's for sure. We love our facts chaotic, surprising, not in any predictable sequence whatsoever. That is to say TOTALLY RANDOM.

Yea, that's right, you heard us. We love us some dang random facts. 

So you like random facts, huh? Real facts, really random? Well, we have news for you -- also, we have facts. You can drop these in any casual conversation, and earn approving remarks like, “that’s so random.” So what are you waiting for? Start munching on these now!

For example, did you know making the animatronic ‘Gizmo’ from the hit movie ‘Gremlins’ actually work was a total nightmare? The puppet was only supposed to be in a few scenes of the film, but then Spielberg fell in love and well, the rest is history. That of course left the poor puppeteers scrambling to improvise with an incredibly basic puppet that wasn't made for basic functions like walking.

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