'Best In Show' And 12 More Blockbuster Comedies That Cost Practically Nothing

Jon Heder's payday for Napoleon Dynamite could buy, like, a mid-tier vacuum cleaner.
'Best In Show' And 12 More Blockbuster Comedies That Cost Practically Nothing

Perhaps, with just about everything going on around the globe right at this moment, we're enjoying keeping other, less pleasant emotions in check. So at the minimum, we’re taking advantage of the ever growing roster of subscription video services in the modern era, to explore a range of wonderful comedies that you can watch whenever you need a serotonin boost.

What distinguishes an excellent comedy? It could be the witty script, the flawless comic choreography of the actors, or the wonderful chemistry of a legendary double act. It could be the manner they've matured, increasing in pathos with each generation in ways their authors could never have predicted. Before looking in-depth, remember these comedies are blockbusters–even though they cost practically nothing to make.

Hundreds of millions of dollars can be thrown at your fasts, furiousness, and double-oh-sevens. Oh, Alternatively, you may simply gather a group of amusing individuals and give each of them a thousand dollars to make film history.

Clerks $28K CRACKED.COM Considering it made Kevin Smith a household name (and also $3.2 million at the box office), it's unfathomable that the budget was measured in K's.
Garden State $2.5 MILLION CRACKED.CO This saccharine Zach Braff quirk-gasm pulled in $36 million in theaters, and, more importantly, got The Shins added to every mixtape on the continent for half a decade.
A Fish Called Wanda $8 MILLION CRACKED.COM A couple of Pythons mingled with some American actors for this all-time classic love/heist/action- comedy, to the tune of $178 million in theaters.

Source: SBS

Lost In Translation $4 MILLION CRACKED.COM Surprisingly low-key performances from Anna Faris and Bill Murray raked in almost $120 million at the box office.
Juno $7 MILLION CRACKED.com With Jason Bateman in a rare extremely-punchable role, the first major platform for Elliot Page's inimitable charm, and Michael Cera doing the whole Michael Cera thing, they raked in $231 million at the box office.

Source: EW


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