Consuming facts is like that one potato chip commercial from forever ago (back when you had no choices but to watch commercials): Bet you can't eat just one. Random, little-known, bizarre facts are the junk food of knowledge. Sure, it's questionable whether or not there is any actual value to them but God, they're just so fun. 

Yeah, we know, it's good to know the tax code, how to change your oil, or some other applicable skill that could save you $100 or so. But knowing that Maine had a 25-foot-tall rubber ducky show up at of nowhere? How can you put a price on that? And finding out Larry David and Alan Dershowtiz had a grocery store brawl? Priceless.

We at Cracked say, “Let them eat facts and be merry.” Here are some fun news stories and odd facts for you to consume at your leisure, whether they are helpful or not.

WEIRD WORLD A cat's meowing saved the life of her 83-year-old owner in Cornwall, England. (illustration) The woman fell into a ravine, and people went searching for her - and they found her because someone heard a cat loudly meowing near where she fell. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBS

WEIRD WORLD A dead body in Tulsa, OK, turned out to be alive and apparently just resting. (illustration) Firefighters and cops went to recover a body that had washed up on a sandbar, but the body soon just got up and walked away. CRACKED.COM

Source: NewsOn6

WEIRD WORLD Larry David and Alan Dershowitz fought in a Martha's Vineyard grocery store. It was about Dershowitz' work with the Trump admin, and he said We can still talk, Larry, but David said No. No. We really can't. CRACKED.COM

Source: IndieWire

WEIRD WORLD In EI Paso, a guy somehow got stuck between a pair of, buildings. Firefighters had to get him out they got a call around 2:30 AM, and freed him over 3 hours later (they had to break down part of a wall to pull it off). CRACKED.COM

Source: KVIA

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