So, you have come to Cracked to learn stuff? Tough luck, we only have random trivia for you. But it’s cool trivia! It won’t help you land a job at NASA, but it will… Uh… Well, we can’t think of a really good trade-off here. We’re talking NASA, after all. Not a whole lot of things would beat working at NASA, making space ships and looking at the stars. Will Batman do? Yeah, we think he just might. Everyone wants to be Batman to some degree. The cool punching and having unlimited money parts of Batman, anyway. Less so the dead parents and body aches and psycho clowns. Could you imagine having a psycho clown as your nemesis? Like everyday you’re just trying to do your thing but this freaky guy in a purple suit pops up all the time to turn your day to doo doo. There’s probably a weird, psychological-horror thriller in there somewhere. We’re going to go ahead and trademark that now.

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