Contrary to what your school classroom experiences would lead you to believe, history is NOT boring. Sure, memorizing dates, names, events, battles, and such can be dull and feel more like math than a look in mankind's past, but there is some crazy stuff out there that your teachers failed to put on their lesson plan. We here at Cracked plan to change all of that.

Like we all knew the massive casualties and tragedy from the Battle of Waterloo, but did your teacher tell you how it benefitted the dental industry at the time? Or how Mary Shelley was so goth that she not only wrote Frankenstein but carried around her dead husband's heart? Or that Saddam Hussein's biggest fans might be from Detroit, Michigan?

The world is insane and it's stupid that not enough people know that. Here are a few factoids from history that your mind will have trouble accepting as truth.

Jeff Bezos probably isn't richer than Augustus Caesar. CRACKED.COM It's often said that billionaire Bezos is the richest human ever to walk the planet. However, adjusted for inflation, several historical hoarders were probably trillionaires. Explains why Caesar could afford to get plugs.

Source: BBC

The Book of the Dead contains a chain letter. cl were Divis CRACKED.COM The book insists that anyone who copies one particular image shall find it of great benefit to him both in heaven and on earth. Furthermore, any man who knows not this picture shall never be able to repulse the serpent Neha-hra.

Source: Smithsonian

Henry VIII and Francis I threw the most expensive mixer in history. CRACKED.COM In 1520, the two kings threw a joint party that wound up being an 18-day d*ck measuring contest. They each one-upped each other in lavishness until they'd burnt about $19 million in today's money. No word on who had the bigger duck.

Source: Smithsonian

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