Netflix users are begging the service to fund another season of streaming-fave Manifest after NBC axed the show. Here are 13 TV shows that fans swear ended too soon.

Judd Apatow had a chance to make more FREAKS AND GEEKS CRACKED COM NBC pulled the plug after one 18-episode season - but there could have been more! MTV offered to produce a second season, but at a much lower budget. Apatow turned down the opportunity because we all decided we didn't want to do a weaker version of the show.


Fox wasn't ready for the weirdness of GET A LIFE Executives couldn't wait to get the aggressively obnoxious sitcom off the air. Too bad because Season 3 sounded amazing: Elliott would have become a homeless drifter traveling from town to town. Everyone's life he touched would become a little worse.


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