Children of celebrities get a bad wrap. But without their pestering, we wouldn't have such iconic characters as "Detective Pikachu" and… "peckish Larry David."

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Viggo Mortensen LOTR CRACKED.COM As Peter Jackson scrambled to replace a tragically youthful Stuart Townsend, Viggo's son pushed him to take the role. As thanks, Jackson gave the kid several cool little cameos.

Djimon Hounsou GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY CRACKED.COM He jumped at the role of Korath The Pursuer after his son told him he wished he had lighter skin, SO that he could be Spider-Man He wanted to prove that anyone can be super.

Anthony Mackie THE WINTER SOLDIER CRACKED.COM As the first African American hero in the MCU, he says the most exciting thing for me is to come out on Halloween and see all the little Black kids dressed up like The Falcon.

Danny DeVito IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA CRACKED.COM One of the best casting decisions of all time began as an uneasy compromise: FX wanted people to actually watch the show, but the gang didn't want a token celebrity cameo. DeVito just wanted in because his kids were fans.

Dennis Hopper SUPER MARIO BROS. CRACKED.COM When his kid grew up and asked why Dennis had taken such a dogsh*t role, he told him Well Henry, I did that SO you could have shoes. The li'l scamp replied I don't need shoes that badly.

Tommy Lee Jones BATMAN FOREVER CRACKED.COM Jones was pretty miserable throughout his stint as Two Face, once even telling Jim Carrey I hate you. I cannot sanction your buffoonery. He only suffered through it because his son loved the franchise and schooled him on his character's backstory.
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