14 Bizarro Fan Mail Responses Worth Writing Home About

Who gave Richard Ramirez his own letterhead?
14 Bizarro Fan Mail Responses Worth Writing Home About

Have you ever written fan mail to your favorite celebrity? If so, then you know that it feels pretty great when they actually respond. But what if they responded in a way that was completely unexpected and made no sense whatsoever?

If you're a fan of bizarro fiction, then you know that there's nothing quite like getting some bizarre fan mail. It's always a surprise to see what kind of demented response you might get from an author or publisher, and it's always worth writing home about. Whether it's a simple drawing or an intricate collage, these fan mail responses are always creative and unique.

Fan mail is a way to connect with your favorite celebrities, and sometimes they even respond. Fan mail is always a fun way to connect with your favorite creators. It's great to see what fans think of your work, and it's especially gratifying when they have something nice to say. But sometimes, fan mail can take a weird turn. Instead of thoughtful compliments, you might get some bizarre responses. Check out these funny (and kinda creepy) fan mail responses below!

Rupert Grint Sorry again for taking ages to reply, I've enclosed signed photo, I hope like it and Ihope you you enjoy film three. Rupert CRACKED.COM Grint chose a Halloween-y motif to excitedly thank a fan for their wicked letter, and apologize repeatedly for not responding earlier.
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