George Clooney has apologized for the nipples, but he has yet to comment on the gratuitous butt cheek zoom-ins. Our work is far from over.

William Shatner is sorry... that the studio f*ed him over!!! CRACKED .COM 1989's Star Trek V bombed, and it's hard to place blame anywhere but on director and star William Shatner. And yet, hetried! In an impressive hybrid passing, he said it's Paramount's fault that he deliver earth-breaking granite monsters spewing rocks and fire. Instead, I had a few pebbles in my hand that I threw at the camera.

Source: EW

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Jason Alexander embarrassed his children CRACKED.CO Alexander confessed to taking on 2000's The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle for the money. No one was more disappointed than his kids: My children are SO unimpressed with me that it's pathetic.


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