15 Little-Known, Terrible Spinoffs From Iconic Movies And Shows

Hollywood did not fail to exploit the finely engineered cuteness of Ewoks.
15 Little-Known, Terrible Spinoffs From Iconic Movies And Shows

There are some movies and TV shows that have become iconic over the years. They've been watched and rewatched so many times that they're practically part of our culture. We all know the lines, the scenes, and the characters. While there are endless choices when it comes to what to watch, sometimes you just can't go wrong with one of these classics.

There have been plenty of terrible spinoffs from iconic movies and shows, but sometimes it's hard to remember which ones are the worst. From "Dallas" to "The Lone Ranger," these five spinoffs stand out as the most egregious examples of what can happen when a popular franchise tries too hard to replicate its success. Whether it's by copying the original's storyline or simply relying on nostalgia, these knock-offs failed to live up to audiences' expectations and often times tanked at the box office. So if you're looking for some truly terrible TV and movie spinoffs, look no further than these five examples.

Somehow, they turned Rambo into a kid-friendly Saturday morning cartoon. Not even the show's head writer could believe it got greenlit, but 1986's Rambo: The Force of Freedom ran a surprisingly long time - for a total of 65 episodes. CRACKED.COM

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