Isn’t great to know things? Yeah, it’s the best – we like knowing lots of things. And do you know what’s better than knowing a lot of things? Exactly -- knowing even more things!  The more you know, the more interesting you are -- that is a science fact. We at Cracked strive to make you as interesting as humanly possible, so we regularly compile these collections for you. It’s OK, you don’t need to thank us. But, if you maybe wanted to, we do enjoy a number of things, so here’s a quick list of good Christmas presents you could consider getting us: mittens for our dog, one of those mugs about needing our coffee (don’t talk to us before 10am!), a nice knife (ours is so dull), paying our subscription to Architectural Digest, some nice, new slippers, or a gazillion dollars. That last one is at the top of our list. Even though we technically listed it at the bottom.


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