14 Of The Most Badass Nuns In History

Get thee to a nunnery!
14 Of The Most Badass Nuns In History

Joining a convent isn't all incense and meditation. It turns out, you have to be pretty gosh darn hardcore to marry God:

The nun who advised Popes, studied female sexuality CRACKED.COM Hildegard of Bingen was... more or less donated to a nunnery by her rich family when she was a kid. She became the head of the convent, advised multiple Popes, and had some thoughts about sex: when the seed has fallen into its place, that vehement heat descending from her brain draws the seed to itself and holds it... in the same way as a strong man can hold something enclosed in his fist.
The only nuns allowed to learn kung fu CRACKED.COM Nuns are generally prohibited from violence, but Druk Amitabha Mountain nunnery has a distinct focus on treating men and women as equals. As such, otherwise gendered chores - and, uh, martial arts - are shared equally.

Source: NPR

The nuns who grow medical marijuana CRACKED.COM The Sisters of the Valley is a small California monastery that has made as much as $1 million per year selling their healing tinctures on Etsy.

Source: BBC

The nun who defeated Elvis CRACKED.COM Sister uc-Gabriel, AKA The Singing Nun, came out with her hit song Dominique in 1963, dethroning Elvis as the best-selling artist on the Billboard Hot 100. She ultimately left her convent to write more music (and live with her girlfriend).
The Buddhist nun who spent 21 years in a Chinese prison CRACKED.COM At 17, Ani Pachen escaped from an arranged marriage, opting to join, and ultimately lead, a badass bellicose convent instead. She was tortured and imprisoned for 21 years, and upon her release, walked to Nepal to escape further persecution.
The nun who came back from the dead CRACKED.COM Christina The Astonishing was sainted while she was still alive - a rare feat. She also managed to die while she was still alive. She suffered a seizure at 21, but popped out of her coffin when they were about to bury her. She spent the next 50 years doing weird sh like walking into fire and being voluntarily pummelled by mill wheels.
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