Statistically, most animals will die at some point in their lives (except certain species of jellyfish, but that's the subject of another article). So it's not exactly breaking news that a lot of your favorite animal stars are probably dead. What's interesting is what they went on to accomplish in their professional and personal lives after they were done hanging out with Blink-182 and Tom Hanks.

However, some of them are still kicking it and living their best Hollywood animal lives. Like real people, they booked a few other gigs, had families that got into the business when they grew up, and retired well. The others? Well, they may not have been so lucky to find a loving home or tragedy took them too soon like so many others in show business.

We have some factoids about what happened to your favorite animal stars, but be warned, some of these will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, but… some are pretty brutal.

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