When you're young and you've got disposable income for the first time in your life, you're gonna make a few mistakes. And then again when you're older and should know better. And again when you're much older and completely broke.

Read below for a wide range of unfortunate products and services our readers have spent their hard-earned cash on. And watch our deep dive into the crushing economic realities of Luigi's mansion.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY Psylocke Holo Foil Psylocke # 13/131X-Me Xmen Unplayed roudions Condition: Used Price: US $9.99 7 t country the have GRACKED Mickey made one of the biggest gambles a 13-year-old can make: I traded like 80 regular X-men trading cards for 1 rare Psylocke Holographic Card. I still regret it.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY Nintendo 3DS CRACKED To be fair, any game system is worthless when you leave it at friggin' Krogers: A 3DS, brand-new, in the box, that I forgot in my grocery cart. $300 down the drain.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY A piece of pop culture history 1 MALLIATS by Kevin 8 Smith Superhero Anatomy! Telling! Topless Fortune Rashing! CRACKED Bush, Weezer... a Jedi craves not these things. Gibson R. does, however: Comparative to earnings, the Mallrats soundtrack I imported to the UK in 1996.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY Fashion CRACKED They say you should dress for the job you want. Michael F. apparently wanted to be Pauly D's body double: Got my first job when I was 13 and immediately bought a $100 Ed Hardy t-shirt that had gone into style a week earlier and went out of style the next week.

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TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY A grave plot GRACKED Harjap K. says it's important to invest in yourself sometimes: A grave plot for myself. It will be the most I've spent on a single thing once it's fully paid.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY Children CRACKED Nicole W. says kids aren't exactly a sound investment: I gave birth to 3 children and had to raise them until they each turned 18. Super expensive. They kept asking for food and things like shelter and clothes.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY A Power Rangers costume GRACKED lan G. knows a good investment when he sees one: I would not say wasted, but I spent $1250 on a full custom Power Ranger suit.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY Garbage bags CRACKED Tommy P. keeps getting duped by the marketing geniuses at Glad: I constantly buy them only to throw them out.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY A custom t-shirt and a carnival prize WINNER EVERY TIME GRACKED Rick C. was twice duped by carnies: I did one of those DIY T-shirts in a shop...that wound up costing me $125. Another time, I tired my hand at one of the games where you get 3 balls for $5 to land a softball in a basket...220 and lots of frustration later, the guy says, 'dude, just take the poster.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY Engagement ring L V A GRACKED Eric C. spent 2 months salaray for a resounding... shrug: Worst thing you can hear after a proposal is, 'uh...I guess so.' Resale for that kind of jewelry is impossible.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY Another engagement ring GRACKED On second thought, Tony F. found a worse reaction to a proposal: Came home early one day after work. Caught her in bed with someone else. Told them don't stop on my presence. Took the ring back. And my apartment.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY Geeky media MARVEL STAR GROUP WARS CRACKED Ryan H. has come to regret his mountains of DVDs, tapes, games, books, comics, memorabilia, all the usual nerd sh*. Used to be really proud of it too. Then, one day about 2 years ago, I suddenly realized I no longer had any emotional attachment to *any* of it. I still love all those things, I just suddenly no longer need to *possess* them.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY A car ZV-5225 CRACKED Theresa T. says she bought a total piece of sh*, caused me SO much trouble. Then Mother Nature stepped in to save the day: Thankfully a deer came along, totalled it, and insurance paid the rest off. Life, uh, finds a way?

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY Nintendo Switch B GRACKED Ryan Q. says he messed up by buying a Switch and then exclusively playing 8-bit games.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY Marryin' boots GRACKED Dee s. wasn't about to wear their workaday trompin' boots to their wedding! I spent $200+ on custom boots for my wedding. I was trying to make sure they fit perfectly, but the company messed up and they were completely unwearable.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY A condo CRACKED Mark Twain once said Buy land, they aren't making it anymore. But Pat F. says the same logic doesn't quite extend to condos and mortgages: I bought a condo in 2007. 6 months later the housing market collapsed and I was $100k upside down on my morgage.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY Health care and cars CRACKED Jason Q. makes a great case for lying to doctors and, uh, grand theft auto: The two minutes in which you lose the most money in America are the one in which you drive a new car off the dealer lot, and the one when you tell your name to someone in a hospital emergency room.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY A sword GRACKED And not even a sick anime sword. KR spent $600 on an official Marine Corps sword that they never used or wore. Worst of all, it's purely decorative, so I cant even use it if everything goes all Mad Max. Could've bought a knock off for like 80 bucks and had 500 bucks for beer.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY Cigarettes CRACKED Russell W. could have bought, like, one entire semester of college if he'd never started smoking: Cigarettes for 45 years. Conservatively have spent close to, if not over $50,000 in today's money.

TELL US NOW: BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY The Blue Ring BOY REALLY T X so 250 60 CRACKED Tim M. was duped by a travelling merchant, but seems to be in denial: Blue Ring. 250 rupees. Worth it.


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