Sometimes, a movie comes along and affects culture in ways that are hard to explain, but are also undeniably effective. It might be difficult to articulate why something works, or exactly how it captures the zeitgeist, but it does. 2004's Napoleon Dynamite is one of our favorite examples of this phenomenon. 

It's a pretty amazing achievement: no big stars attached, a strange sense of humor, not a whole lot of plot, wardrobe cribbed from thrift stores, and an unconventional setting that most other movies would consider an afterthought. Yet somehow, it absolutely blew up, was a smash hit, and was endlessly quoted in the hallways of every American high school for years. And even with all that unlikely success, digging behind-the-scenes only reveals more fascinating information. 

From student short to underdog smash, 

Napoleon Dynamite

 made the world safer for dorks everywhere. Here are 15 behind-the-scenes facts guaranteed to improve your nunchuck skills.

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