Remember princess Fiona was voiced by Cameron Diaz in Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek 3, and Shrek Forever After.

It is indeed one thing to appear in front of the cameras and quite another to give an onscreen animator life as well as expression. These celebrities aren't simply excellent next to the camera; they also have comedic sensibilities and have voiced such well-animated characters...

Well, over the years, a staggering number of well-known actors have offered their talents to cartoon characters. Numerous celebrities prefer voice-over acting because it allows them to act in a new way. Most likely, you've seen a few of these episodes as well as movies and therefore have no idea whose voice you're hearing.

Bryan Cranston was revealed to have voiced two Power Rangers villains (with fewer iconic lines than he had from Breaking Bad, alas). Here is the whole enchilada, as well as 14 additional stories. Keep reading below…

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