15 Oddball Celeb Side Projects You Probably Didn’t Know About

When you pair a talented artist’s imagination with a bottomless pile of money and a total absence of people willing to say “no” to them, you get … well, you get something like one of these 15 projects:


Danny DeVito started a website for showcasing horror shorts in 2009. ACTORY Besides displaying the shorts, which he called Splatter Cuts, the website (The Blood Factory) also featured a community for horror fans. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wired


Bill Nye the Science Guy has a few inventions to his name. FIG. 5 FIG.6 He came up with a better ballet slipper and with an educational magnifying glaSs that incorporates a water-filled plastic bag.

Source: PBS


Michael Jackson created a special shoe. The shoe would let him lean forward 45 degrees on stage, looking like he's defying gravity. CRACKED.COM

Source: Mashable


Mark Zuckerberg wrote a program to help him win at Scrabble. The program gave him all the words he could put together from his available letters, and he wrote because he was mad that a teenager beat him at Scrabble on a corporate jet once. CRACKED.COM

Source: The Guardian


Vanilla lce starred in an Insane Clown Posse infomercial. He played Vanilla Zerg, an alien who came to Earth and reported that there was war, there was poverty, fighting, suffering, and unfortunately there was lots of straight-up hate. CRACKED.COM

Source: AVClub


His Holiness the Dalai Lama released a music album. The Dalai Lama Inner World It's called Inner World, and it mixes his chants and mantras. It was produced at the suggestion of New Zealand banker Junelle Kunin, who looked online for the Dalai Lama's teachings set to music but couldn't

Source: APNews


David Lynch created a nightclub in Paris. It's called Silencioc- inspired, of course, by Mulholland Drive's Club Silencio. Lynch designed everything from the toilet bowls down to the level of saltiness of the peanuts in the bar.

Source: The Guardian


In 1998, David Bowie established his own ISP BowieNet. It even gave users their own BowieNet email address, plus 5 megabytes of hosting space (this let people make their own websites, which they were encouraged to do). CRACKED.COM

Source: The Guardian


Trent Reznor recorded all the player sounds for the original Quake. In other words, whenever you hear the Quake marine grunt while jumping or moan in agony, that's Trent Reznor's voice. CRACKED.COM

Source: Twitter


Banksy funded a refugee rescue boat. LOUISE MICHEL RESCUE In 2019, he emailed former NGO boat captain Pia Klemp saying Hello Pia, I've read about your story in the papers. You sound like a badass. I am an artist from the UK and I've made some work about the migrant

Source: The Guardian


Joey Ramone wrote a song about Maria Bartiromo. He was so obsessed with her, he wanted her to meet him at midnight so he could perform it for her-- but she said no. It has lyrics like I watch you on the TV every single day Those eyes make everything

Source: The Guardian


Mariah Carey released a sorta-secret album in 1995. lde I DANA- davidsav-, S-w Vied_h Chescan- love is Scamn d -pavidson- d. vlad- 3. volent CHICK d. Su-W. Vlad- ane maliu 4. Se-W. Vled-w chescen- dementedd s. Vlad- DAvE-davidsonp 6. frenk_c PAwe-davidsev-p. Su-W ChT- 1.ngany Someoes ugly daglbr Suo-w. Vled_

Source: Rolling Stone


Michael Jackson founded a burn center. The Michael Jackson Burn Center operated as part of the Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, and Jackson established it because he wanted to do something for burn patients when he was in the hospital for second-degree burns, he says he was moved by

Source: Huffington Post


Jamie Lee Curtis invented a super diaper. 18 12 5E 16 22 b FIG.1 It comes with a waterproof compartment that holds baby wipes.

Source: The Atlantic


Nicolas Cage built a pyramid tomb in New Orleans. ONEYAYORY It's nine feet tall, totally empty, and it has the slogan Omnia Ab Uno (Everything From One). Cage never explained why he built it. CRACKED.COM

Source: Atlas Obscura