The 16 All-Time Dumbest Excuses Made By Public Figures

The 16 All-Time Dumbest Excuses Made By Public Figures

Look. If you ever find yourself caught with cocaine in your pocket, or with a prostitute on vacation, or with someone else's blood in your blood… just own it, man!

That hidden compartment is for, uh, jewelry? Airport security caught Michael Vick trying to sneak in a water bottle that smelled suspiciously like weed and sure enough, they found ''a substance in a hidden compartment.

Source: ESPN

I sneezed too hard! CRACKEDCO Sammy Sosa's most infamous lie is probably the one where he accidentally used a corked bat, but this sneeze thing is too good to ignore. Even if it's true, it's bonkers: he was SO strong that tWO violent sneezes gave him back spasms and made

Source: ESPN

I was acting when I yoinked that merch! CRACKEDC Winona Ryder was long ago caught shoplifting about $5k worth of swag from Saks Fifth Avenue, and at one point argued she was merely method acting in preparation for an upcoming role.

Source: EW

I was too high to do my taxes! CRACKED.COM In 2009, the IRS had a quick question for Method Man: where are your taxes, man? He hadn't paid his taxes in a bunch of years because, in his own words, I got high, I forgot to pay. It was stupid.

Source: CBS

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