16 Awe-Inspiring Easter Eggs in Steven Spielberg Films

Sly references find a way.
16 Awe-Inspiring Easter Eggs in Steven Spielberg Films

Steven Spielberg is the Godfather of nerd culture, and we mean that with all the love we have our nerdy little (possibly cyborg, possibly ripped-out-in-a-cult-ritual) hearts. Guy made Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park and E.T., which for a Millennial Of A Certain Age? That plus chicken soup was your diet on sick days from school. Not to mention he's big time homies with George Lucas, who made an obscure film franchise our younger readers have probably never heard of, but was also a staple on sick days. He is THAT DUDE when it comes to a lot of current online discourse about pop culture, is what we're saying. 

Would the director who invented the blockbuster sneak Easter eggs into his films? Well, this article exists, doesn't it? Here's the thing, though: Spielberg's recent nostalgiafest, Ready Player One, is a flick made up entirely of Easter eggs. So we fear he might be going overboard. In fact, that's why we didn't include Ready Player One here -- there wouldn't be any room left for other movies. And Spielberg's other movies certainly include some clever references, like these here.


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