This Is Spinal Tap: 16 Behind-The-Scenes Facts That Walk The Fine Line Between Stupid And Clever

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This Is Spinal Tap: 16 Behind-The-Scenes Facts That Walk The Fine Line Between Stupid And Clever

It's no secret that movies and TV shows are often more complicated than they appear on the surface. In addition to the actors and directors, there are dozens of people working behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. And while some of their job duties might seem mundane, they also have to deal with a lot of strange and unexpected things. For example, did you know that movie theatre popcorn is actually designed to smell good? Or that TV commercials are carefully calibrated to be as annoying as possible? Read on for more behind-the-scenes facts about movies and TV shows that walk the fine line between being stupid and clever.

Hose down your mud flaps and polish your love gun; it's time to read up on one of Britain's loudest bands. There are some behind-the-scenes facts about movies and TV shows that walk the fine line between being stupid and clever. For example, did you know that...

This Is Biinlidl Ti The IMDB rating goes to 11. 7.9 /11 129,332 IMDB actually programmed a custom rating scale for the movie. You see, most movies, they go up to 10. This one goes to 11.
This Is Bipinlidl Ti Rob Reiner's character was based on four of his heroes. He named Marty DiBergi, the ostensible director of the film, after four filmmakers: Martin Scorsese, Brian De Palma, Steven Spielberg, and Federico Fellini.
This Is Bipinlidl Ti Fran Drescher brought Bobbi Fleckman to The Nanny. oty 13 years after the movie came out, The Nanny aired an episode called The Bobbi Fleckman Story. In a catastrophic failure of the Bechdel test, Drescher played two different women fawning over a rich man.
This Is Biinlidl Tin A bit from the movie inspired the Harry Potter films. The mysterious deaths of the band's drummers inspired J.K. Rowling to quietly replace the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher in every book.
This Is Bipinlidl Ti The Stonehenge scene actually happened -- to Black Sabbath. Only... in reverse. Sabbath ordered a Stonehenge set piece that was way too friggin' big when it arrived. It happened a year before the movie came out - but after that scene had been filmed.
This Is Bipinlidl Ti The band has three real studio albums and six real singles. A Chistmasmiththdeuil CRACKED COM AIL 3 of their albums charted in the US, and their single B ktch School climbed as high as #35 on the UK charts.
This Is Bipinlidl Ti Norwegians thought it was a sequel to Airplane! CRACKED COM Airplane! was called Help! We Are Flying! in Norway. The film's Scandinavian marketers implied This Is Spinal Tap was a follow-up in the same franchise, and called it Help! We Are In The POp Business!
This Is Bipinlidl Ti A Spinal Tap side project was booed off of an NYC stage. The Folksmen were a fake folk band that the Spinal Tap boys came up with for an episode of SNL. They would occasionally open for Spinal Tap on tour, and the audience often
This Is Bipinlidl Tin There's a sequel you may have missed. The band had an actual reunion concert in London for their 1992 album Break Like the Wind, and a real documentary was made about that show: The Return of Spinal Tap.
This Is iidl Trn There was a raunchy B-story. CRACKED COM It was ultimately cut, but there was originally an opening band that toured with Tap. It was fronted by a woman who hooked up with every member of the band - which is why they all have cold sores at various
This Is Biinil Ti Tons of people thought it was a real documentary. Before the film really blew up and became a cult success, several people who caught it in theaters told Rob Reiner that he should have picked a more well-known band for his documentary.
This Is Biinil Ti Ozzy Osbourne thought Spinal Tap was a real band. One of the many people who didn't catch that the whole thing was a joke was The Prince of Darkness himself. When he figured out what was going on, he said They seemed quite tame compared
This Is Bipinlidl Tin Rob Reiner wanted to make himself a band member. CRACKEDCO Harry Shearer had to break it to him that he wouldn't look SO great in Spandex, sO they decided he should play the director of the documentary instead.
This Is iidl Ti Every tour stop was actually in Los Angeles. They did a good job of hiding the city of Angels, but eagle-eyed fans have spotted palm trees in one scene set in New York.
This Is Biinil Ti There were technically only four writers. Nearly every line was improvised, sO the actors did the heavy lifting when it came to dialogue. The Writers' Guild would only credit the band and Reiner as writers -- despite their lobbying to get the whole cast credited.
This Is Biinlidl Tig Spinal Tap started as a failed comedy sketch. GpinaL T The band came together 5 years before the movie, as a one-off sketch for The TV Show -- a sketch show that never became more than a pilot.
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