15 Bizarre Facts About Iconic Movie Scenes’ Filming Locations

Apparently, the salty expanse of Crait is … right here on Earth (kind of).
15 Bizarre Facts About Iconic Movie Scenes’ Filming Locations

Considering movies use CGI for practically everything, you might think that The Last Jedi’s Crait scenes were just green-screened. Turns out -- nope. 

Fans of The Matrix may well not know where all the film's notorious commands came from, and Spider-Man audiences might not have been able to identify what this specific scene required 156 takes. Honestly!!!

Similarly, during his meeting with Bonasera, Don Corleone was just not intended to be fondling a cat. Rather, the animal was sighted on the set by filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, who decided to be included in the scene.

From neglecting your robotic makeup and going out for dinner to contracting nasty infections, the cast and directors have assembled quite a few interesting information and incredible stories over the decades, and it's pleasant to see some of them have fun with that as well. The greatest feature is that you're bound to find some film trivia about your favorite film on this list!

We're always concerned about what happens behind the scenes of the motion picture. Backstage antics are frequently amusing. Even so, people can sometimes be harmful to the film's operation. 

Having to look for behind-the-scenes film facts was a wonderful adventure in and of itself. Here’s the whole story, plus 14 others:

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