15 Surprising Dream Roles Of Famous Actors

If you had to guess what Helen Mirren’s dream role would be, you’d probably assume it was something classy and respectable, right? Well, you’d be wrong. Turns out, she is a die-hard Fast & Furious fan. 

And Mirren isn’t the only one – plenty of other actors have dream roles that might surprise you. Like:


KEANU REEVES ALWAYS WANTED TO BE WOLVERINE. CRACKED COM In 2020, Reeves revealed that the one role he's always wanted to play was Logan. He says he came to terms with the fact that he's too old for the role now. We don't really see why his age would be



WILL FERRELL'S DREAM ROLE IS SIMON COWELL. ecdl CRACKED co COM Ferrell says he doesn't think it would be hard to play Cowell because he finds him to be a lot like Ron Burgundy. Simon Cowell and Ron Burgundy are pretty much the same role, apart from Simon being ruder, said

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SCARLETT JOHANSON WANTS TO BE A DISNEY PRINCESS. CRAGKEDCON Johanson says she's been pursuing the role of a Disney princess for the past 20 years and that it's a dream for both her and her daughter. Seems like that might be the only role Hollywood is unwilling to give her.

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PRIYANKA CHOPRA WANTS TO DE JAMES BOND. lCRACKEDo COM When asked if she would like to play a Bond girl, Chopra responded by saying, I get that all the time, but fu*k that wanna be Bond.



HELEN MIRREN REALLY WANTED TO BE IN A FAST & FURIOUS MOVIE. CRACKED COM In a 2016 interview, Mirren revealed that her dream role was to be in one of the Fast & Furious movies. Shortly after, her dream came true as she got cast as Shaw's mother in The



MILLIE BOBBY BROWN WANTS TO PLAY AMY WINEHOUSE. CRACKEDc COM When she was asked to pick any historic heroine she'd like to play, Brown chose Winehouse. She says the singer's life story had a profound impact on her, and she considers her a musical icon.



BLACK PANTHER WAS MICHAEL B. JORDAN'S DREAM ROLE. av CRACKED COM All the way back in 2012, Jordan shared that his dream role was to play Black Panther in the MCU. He didn't quite get his wish - he got to star in Black Panther, but as the villain.



MARGOT ROBBIE WANTS TO BE IN A WES ANDERSON FILM. ZZ ZZ CRACKEDc COM When asked what her dream role would be, Robbie revealed she would really love to play a villain in one of Anderson's films. A fairly hard dream to achieve considering the director usually sticks to the



JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS OBSESSED WITH BRIDGET JONES. Because she's such a Renee Zellweger fan, Lawrence says she doesn't actually want to replace her as Bridget Jones - her dream is to play the character in a universe where the movie never even existed.

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DANIEL RADCLIFFE WISHES HE COULD BE SPIDER-MAN. CRACKED COM Radcliffe, who is a huge Spider-Man fan, says that the web-slinger has been his dream superhero role for a long time. He realizes that he probably missed his chance due to his age, but the actor at least seems content with



HALLE BERRY'S DREAM ROLE IS TO PLAY ANGELA DAVIS. CRACKEDCONT Berry says that the one person she would really love to play before she dies is the communist activist Angela Davis. She finds her story inspirational and powerful but is worried that she might be getting too old for the



DAVE BAUTISTA REALLY WANTS TO PLAY MARCUS FENIX. CRACKEDO Bautista has spent years lobbying to play Fenix in a ive-action Gears of War 'movie. Unfortunately, he's been unsuccessful so far. However, he did get added as a DLC skin for Fenix in Gears of War 5, so that's something at

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DRAKE'S DREAM IS TO PLAY PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. THE WHITE HOUSE WWASHINGTON CRACKED COM Drake says he's prepared to play Obama whenever his biopic is ready to be made. The rapper says he got ready for the role by routinely studying Obama's speech pattems while watching his addresses. President Obama



BRYAN CRANSTON WANTS TO PLAY PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. Not because he's a fan of or anything like that it's his dream role because he thinks it would an interesting acting challenge. He's holding out hope to be considered for the role if Trump's life story is ever turned into



CHRIS PRATT ALWAYS WANTED TO PLAY A COP. IB CRACKED COM Pratt says he's had opportunities to play cops before but tumed them all down because he takes the role very seriously and doesn't want to screw up his first outing as a cop. I guess that means we likely