There’s Nothing More Adorable Than ‘South Park’ Creator Trey Parker in the Booth With Ike’s Voice Actress

A viral video shows Betty Boogie Parker in the recording booth making her old man proud
There’s Nothing More Adorable Than ‘South Park’ Creator Trey Parker in the Booth With Ike’s Voice Actress

The most aggrieved country in South Park history can put down their pitchforks — Trey Parker’s kid is Canadian.

Well, maybe not by blood or nationality, but she does play one on television, and it truly couldn’t be any cuter. The role of Ike Broflovski, Kyle’s Canadian, adopted baby brother, has been filled by 16 different voice actors over the past 26 seasons of South Park, which is the record for any one character in the South Park canon. Most of these actors have been children themselves — with the notable exception of man-child and series co-creator Matt Stone — and, for the last seven series, one special kid has been killing the role of the Canadian toddler with no sign of slowing down. Starting in Season 20, Parker’s daughter, Betty Boogie Parker, has been the endearing voice of Ike as she spits the most hilarious obscenities into the microphone in front of her adoring father. 

A video of Betty Boogie recording some of her first voice lines as Ike Brovlofski when she was still pre-K age recently went mega-viral on Twitter when the popular account Historic Vids posted the early footage of the father-daughter duo in the recording booth reciting banger lines like “You’re a fat bitch!” and “Suck my balls you fat bitch!” 

South Park teaching kids to curse has never been so cute.

Along with her role as Ike, the younger Parker performs the parts of Heather Williams, the daughter of a Denver Nuggets executive whom the boys blackmail after she rips a fart during P.E. in South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covidand Betsy, QAnon kid and vaccine opponent in South ParQ Vaccination Special. Betty Boogie has also performed voice roles in three different South Park video games as well as Parker and Stone’s deep fake web series Sassy Justice, in which she played a hilariously racist and childish Jared Kushner.

As is typical of any Twitter post, many wet blankets in the replies tried to paint the above adorable video as evidence of bad parenting, claiming that Parker is teaching his young daughter to be as needlessly profane as he is. Beyond the obvious point that South Park has already taught swear words to literally millions of children without society collapsing, it’s clear from Betty Boogie’s hesitance to belt out “Fat bitch!” that Parker and his then-wife Boogie Tillmon taught their daughter that it’s only acceptable to swear when there’s serious money in it.


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