29 Glaring Mistakes In Famous Movie Scenes


The background of a great movie can be a tricky place to work. Nobody wants to end up as the guy who failed to add bullet holes correctly on the set of Pulp Fiction or the now iconic stormtrooper who accidentally nailed his head on a door in Star Wars. Any mistake you make that gets caught on film and then released in the final cut can affect your ability to get future work on another project. Careers could become jeopardized.

That said, everybody makes mistakes and sometimes those mistakes become iconic in pop culture circles. Each screw up is like a tiny accidental easter egg for the obsessive compulsive troll who lives in all of us. We feel special whenever we point them out to our friends and it's rather a cool peek into how complicated making movies can be. We asked our Cracked readers to point out other film flaws. 

Entry by Scarin

CRACKED.COM This shot from Independence Day is impossible. The Empire State Building and the surrounding area are laid Out in a grid. The streets run

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