They say “the squeakiest wheel gets the grease.” If you bring something up to your parent, teacher, boss, God, or some other superior, you'll have a chance to get what you want. Sometimes it is because they ultimately agree with their decision. Sometimes they agree to give in just to shut you up. What does it matter? You got what you wanted.

When you’re a star (or at least the star of the show), you don’t need to content yourself with doing what you’re told. If you don’t like your lines, your character’s pants, or whatever, you don’t have to put up with it -- you can flex your clout and get that shit changed. Of course, this power has to be wielded responsibly -- as Spider-Man says, the higher you climb a wall, the harder you fall (or something, we’re not sure). Just check out these examples, and see all the ways this scenario can play out.

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