In the current age of social media and fake news, it’s fairly easy for anyone to make up a hoax about a celeb dying and get a bunch of people to believe it. It's become common for a celebrity's name to trend on twitter and then a thousand and one different users post “saw 's name trending and *insert Denzel Washington breathing repeated deep sighs of relief gif *” And death hoaxes are very much not cool. Real people are affected by death hoaxes.

Sure, celebs have riches and power, they don’t exactly have much to complain about. However, it would probably suck to find yourself in a situation where your friends and family are getting flooded with hundreds of messages of condolences because some troll convinced half the internet that you died. Then imagine the roller coaster of emotions that family member goes through, thinking you're dead, then having you pick up the phone. No thanks.

Here are 15 celebs that got targeted by such hoaxes:

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