13 Surprising Bits Of Movie And General Knowledge For Your Delectation

13 Surprising Bits Of Movie And General Knowledge For Your Delectation

Everyone loves watching fantastic films.  It is an indisputably amazing experience. Most of the most renowned films ever made, on the other hand, were excruciating to be a member of for those who worked on them. Although you may believe that you know all there is to understand about your favorite films, the director's cut has plenty of information that will surprise even the most ardent movie fans.

We've picked up the most astonishing behind-the-scenes truths from your favorite movies, from being in situations that nearly killed prominent performers to the shocking manner actors got into character. Also, if you want to brush up on your movie knowledge, check out these Iconic Movies You Should've Seen by Now.

It's hard to picture Johnny Depp being passed over for The Rock in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but that's exactly what Tim Burton almost did. Continue reading to learn more about this and the other 12 stories...

The fart sounds in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle's battle s**ts scene are real. Sound engineer Jeff Kushner couldn't find the right fake fart effect he wanted, so he recorded actual poop and fart noises in a truck stop bathroom. NOW YOU KNOW

Source: Uproxx

Christopher Walken got his odd speaking style from the people he grew up with. He was a child of immigrants and had grown up around other immigrants, and he says it was very common to hear people pausing during conversation and trying to find the right word- So that's how

Source: CBS

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