15 Freak Accidents On Movie Sets (That Could Only Be The Wrath Of An Angry God)

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15 Freak Accidents On Movie Sets (That Could Only Be The Wrath Of An Angry God)

Movie sets are fascinating places. They're where the magic of movies is created, and they're full of interesting history and secrets. Have you ever seen a movie and wondered how they managed to make such a mess? How can so much go wrong on set and still end up looking great on the big screen? It seems like every other day; there's another story of a movie set disaster.

If you've ever been on a movie set or even just seen one in a movie, you know that they're incredible places. No one ever expects accidents to happen on movie sets. After all, these productions are heavily guarded, and safety is of the utmost importance. However, sometimes freak accidents occur that can cause severe injury or even death. In this article, we will explore some of the most tragic accidents to take place on movie sets. We will also look at what measures are being taken to prevent such accidents from happening in the future. So please join us as we take a closer look at some of Hollywood's most deadly mishaps.

George Lucas was mauled by a (robotic) shark. JAWS 7 2S0W GRACKEDCOM Spielberg managed to create an even more dangerous shark than God Himself could. 4 of them, to be exact. When he was showing off his creations to some pals, George Lucas stuck his head inside of one, Spielberg
Jaimie Alexander slipped in the rain, broke her spine. THOR: THE DARK WORLD CRACKED COM The Asgardian warrior was taken out by a set of stairs. She slipped and fell, chipped 11 vertebrae, and had to rehab for a month before returning to set.
Channing Tatum's junk was scalded. THE EAGLE While filming a water scene in the chilly Scottish countryside, the actors were periodically given bottles of warm water to douse themselves with. The water guy got a little overzealous, and gave Tatum some piping hot aqua, which he poured directly on
Halle Berry almost choked on fruit. DIE ANOTHER DAY During a sex scene, Pierce Brosnan made a quip SO cheeky, she sucked in the fig she was munching. According to Berry, Brosnan gave her a naked Heimlich (although he claims he just slapped her on the back).
Bob Denver was almost mauled by a lion. GILLIGAN'S ISLAND CRACKED COM When he sat down next to the big cat, as planned, the lion went off script and lunged at him. Denver yes-and-ed this improv by karate chopping, which further enraged it. That's when the lion's trainer stepped in to
Isla Fisher almost drowned. NOW YOU SEE ME CRACKED COM She had a quick-release mechanism in her hand, but the other, very real chains were still dragging her down. She signalled to the crew that she was under duress, but everyone just thought she was in the zone: They thought I
Margaret Hamilton fully caught fire. THE WIZARD OF OZ CRACKED COM Whenever we see the Wicked Witch disappear, she drops into a trap door as pyrotechnics ignite. At least once, the trap door went haywire, trapping her in the explosion, and igniting her very flammable petroleum-based makeup.
Jason Statham almost plunged into the sea. EXPENDABLES 3 D CRACKED COM Did someone put a hit out on Statham? Sylvester Stallone says Statham had to bail out of a truck when the brakes failed. He made it out just before the truck plunged 60 feet deep into the water.
A big wave surfer was lost at sea. WATERWORLD Laird Hamilton, a famous surfer and a stuntman on the film, got caught in bad weather and was lost for several hours before being rescued by the Coast Guard.
Everyone was doused with radioactive soil. TUMT THE mP CONQUEROR This film was shot downwind of old nuclear testing sites, meaning everyone was breathing in poison dirt for the entirety of production. A few decades later, at least 91 cast and crew members had been diagnosed with cancer.
A sinkhole killed several horses. THE HOBBIT The come-from-behind winner for biggest bummer about The Hobbit is that 27 animals died during filming. Several of them fell to their death when a sinkhole opened up under their pens.
Edgar Ramirez escaped a tree avalanche. GOLD Everyone heard an ominous rumbling as they were filming inside a jungle hut. The Thai crew recognized it as a cascade of falling trees, and had everyone quickly evacuate. Ramirez fell onto a goat.
Johnny Depp was trampled by a horse. THE LONE RANGER He was thrown from a horse, and as it was clomping over him, he said one thing was going through his mind: Hooves.
Jim Caviezel was struck by lightning. THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST CRACKED.COM He says he knew it was coming a few seconds before it happened, but there was nowhere to hide. Nearby extras got to witness their coworker with fire coming out the right and left side of my head.
A waterfall tried to murder Burt Reynolds. DELIVERANCE CRACKED COM When Reynolds went over a 25-foot waterfall in a canoe, he cracked his tailbone, got stuck in a whirlpool, and finally emerged naked as hell. The director later told him It looked like a dummy falling over a waterfall, which, technically,
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