15 Actors That Nearly Quit Iconic Roles (Over Bizarro Things)

Stars: they're just like us! In the sense that... we would also quit our jobs if they required getting decked by Dolph Lundgren.
15 Actors That Nearly Quit Iconic Roles (Over Bizarro Things)

On paper, being an actor is an easy gig: you show up, you’re handed a script, and then you just read it and play pretend. Unfortunately for actors who got into the business for its perceived ease, that is not always, or often even usually, the case. Sometimes, you work with a dude like Ol’ Al “I torture my actresses” Hitchcock, who tortured his actresses. Or maybe you get to set and you realize “wait, everything here is a sickly green and there are no other actors in this – am I going insane?” And still other times, you’re just plain not wanted by guys in the 4000 dollar suits because the guys in the 5000 dollar suits think you’re a nobody (c’mon!).

Yeah, sorry to break it to you aspiring actors out there but acting isn’t always easy. The weirdest, the surrealist, the most confusing stuff happens on film sets, and it’s enough to make even the toughest veterans want to quit.

Daniel Franzese BULLY Franzese was brutally harassed on the set of this aptly-named film, being cruelly outed over a decade before he publicly came ou
Robert Pattinson LITTLE ASHES CRACKEDEOM In one scene, he had to straight-up i*ck **ff on camera, because pretending to tug it wasn't convincing enoug
Dylan 'Brien MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE O'Brien got absolutely jacked up in a stunt gone wrong, suffering a concussion and several fractures. Product
Gene Hackman THE FRENCH CONNECTION From the start, the director was pretty clear that he didn't particularly want to work with Hackman. He hit his bre
Carl Weathers ROCKY IV CRACKED COM After Dolph Lundgren tossed him one too many times, Weathers walked off set and fully intended to quit altogether.
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio THE ABYSS After getting slapped, screamed at, and hest-compressed by Ed Harris for the big CPR scene, she was notified tha
Lily Tomlin NINE TO FIVE CRACKED COM Someone showed her a cut of Violet's fantasy scene before the animated animals were added. She was sO mortified b
Mike Myers WAYNE'S WORLD Myers specifically wrote the Bohemian Rhapsody scene around that particular song, but the director lobbied hard to change i
Clark Gable THE MISFITS The last straw for Gable, in a notoriously frought production, was when his stunt double was thrice kicked in the head by a ho
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