15 Celebrities Who Somehow Survived Incredibly Deadly Situations

Sometimes, fame is like an aura of invincibility.
15 Celebrities Who Somehow Survived Incredibly Deadly Situations

Celebrities are not invincible. They, like the majority of us, can face emergency cases (such as a fire). They have even been known to save humans in life-threatening situations. Hazard is an aspect of their employment every now and again. Accidents can occur when filming, especially when doing dangerous stunts. They have been known to survive accidents that could happen to you or me. Here are 15 examples of celebrities who have escaped potentially fatal situations.

Despite their wealth, security, and lavish spending, dangers, as well as problems, find their way into the life of renowned and influential people. Even Captain America has faced situations that might have proved catastrophic for certain celebrities.

Some of the characters we see on screen have survived things that would have killed Wolverine, but they keep going. It's almost as though being renowned confers on you an aura of invincibility... or maybe these are just celebrities that were extremely lucky. In any case, their stories are astounding. For example…

Donald Pleasence (Blofeld in Bond movies and Loomis in Halloween movies) was in a Nazi prison camp. He was a pilot in the RAF, and his plane was shot

Source: BBC

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