12 Bizarre Yet Real Things That Happened In The Past Few Weeks

Sometimes, reality beats whatever people try to come up with.
12 Bizarre Yet Real Things That Happened In The Past Few Weeks

In movies, vast fortunes are hidden behind elaborate booby traps, snarling dogs, watchful guards, and so on. In reality, which is much dumber and more boring, there’s just a password form that locks you out after enough tries. See, that's the thing life: totally insane, unbelievable things are happening all around us, all the time. While also being kinda mundane. These things get reported on, but barely noticed, and that's why we're here. 


Sure, maybe your grandmother went to a somehow still-functioning mall, wandered into a weirdly-lit Thomas Kinkade store, and bought you some official Thomas Kinkade Mandalorian art as a birthday gift. But are you really gonna tell us a Thomas Kinkade painting of Mando and Grogu isn't shocking? If you had “Thomas Kinkade Mandalorian Art” on your 2022 bingo card, we don't know, man. Play the lottery. 

Anyway, we've collected a bunch of weirdo stories to puzzle your brain here:

The COVID relief and spending bill also forced intelligence agencies to share any knowledge about UFOS. The bill, signed in December, has a stipulatio

Source: CNN

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