20 'Harmless' Looking Animals (That Are Really Monsters)

Are you in the right headspace to receive information about otters that could possibly hurt you? They may look cuddly and innocent, but even the fluffiest-wuffiest creatures in the animal kingdom are actually psychos that wouldn’t think twice about burning down an orphanage if it helped them eat, mate, or just gave their miserable existence a brief second of joy. 


Slow Lorises CRACKED'C These Beanie-Babies-made-real are actually the only venomous primate. By rubbing their poison armpit secretions onto their teet

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Woodpeckers CRACKED CON Several varieties of woodpeckers have been documented pecking their way into the skulls of baby birds in order to eat their de

Source: Audubon


Penguins Emperor penguin mothers who lost their young will kidnap a chick as a surrogate; the chilly step-moms soon get bored of their adopted offspri

Source: BBC


otters CRACKEDco When they're on their backs holding hands, it's easy to forget that otters rape baby seals, who are sometimes drowned in the process.

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White Bellbirds CRACKEDCONT Love is blind, but I bet these birds wish it was mute. The male white bellbird screams directly into the face of its poten

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Octopuses CRACKEDCO Octopuses team up with fish to hunt prey, but researchers found they aren't always the best partners. The tentacled terrors were s

Source: Independent


Nazca Boobies ORACKED:CO Male boobies that haven't found a mate take it out on younger boobie chicks, pecking and kicking them, who then grow up to be

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Meerkats CRACKED co Hakuna Matata? Not likely. In meerkat society, the group alpha will kill nursing pups and use that mother as a wet nurse to her ow

Source: BBC


Orcas CRACKEDco We all know that killer whales earn their name by being cunning predators, but did you know they are also sadists? Orcas have been see

Source: Live Science


Manatees CRACKEDCON When the docile sea Cow isn't busy chewing on sea cud, they are filling the waterways with their bubbling plant-farts; all that ve

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Ladybugs CRACKEDCONT These insects, whose delightful color and endearingly clumsy flying we have deemed to be aww' worthy, eat the eggs of their own

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Chimpanzees CRACKED CONT Our genetic cousins are rarely seen in movies and TV after they reach maturity, and for good reason. They are basically 4 foo

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Elephants These giants love nothing more than flexing on the animal kingdom by using their trunks to fling rocks and logs at passersby. Seeing as how

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Hippopotamuses CRACKED C These chunky river horses won't hesitate to mess you up- and 86.7% of the time it's fatal. You have better odds with a lion (

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Lions CRACKEDCON Don't start thinking these majestic kitties are all singing disney songs either; male lions will maul young cubs in order to mate wit

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Deer During the mating season, a rutting deer will gore you to death if you stand between them and some white-tail. Or if you're just minding your own

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Crows CRACKEDCOR Crows will remember you, and why they hate you, for years! If you slight these highly intelligent birds they will memorize your face

Source: National Geographic


Cuckoo Birds CRACKEDCON Cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other birds, and when they hatch the cuckoo chick disposes of the other eggs. Thus the

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Butterflies CRACKEDCON What's the matter? Gonna cry? Then you'll be making a tasty treat for butterflies and moths! Our delicate, fluttering friends l

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Dolphins have been found to use their snouts to ram the undersides of porpoises until they're good and dead. They even use their sonar

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